Early lunch for mom and myself☀️ | avocado whole grain toasts

It’s such a lazy morning.. waking up so late because of some tragic incidents that happened in life that we all had to go through or been going through..

After a few sleepless night, things just never got any better but I can always make my lunch better :).

Mom has been really thoughtful and loving recently. I talked to her about what happened and we had girlfriends chats at late night – yes, just like friends, just like the old times, we are never so close for 20 years; we are just like the old times – yes, when I was 5. after a few of totally failed relationships and I had to admit that yes mommy you’re always right (even its a very hard for me to..)

The most agreed thing that she’s right about is : No love on earth is greater than the love between parents and their child.

I’m so much better with her shoulders to lean and cry on, she knows me and she never leaves me because of knowing who I really is, even though she has seen my worst and all the flaws so clearly and thoroughly.

I’m trying to eat more and healthier lately as she’s very concerned about my constantly dropping weight. I made this gluten free toast with fresh avocado mashes, topped with kale crunches, cashews, sunflower seeds, cinnamon & unsweetened almond butter, well even though I’m never really a fam of bread and I’ve been always avoiding too much starch / carbs intake, but whole grain bread loafs are always my mom’s top favorite choice for lunch. have them prepared and set right before she came back home from her gym session (yes she has a pt.) when she opened the door she was like “what’s that alluring smell?” and I was already sitting next to the dining table with the freshly made avo toasts.  She was so thrilled and have been taking pictures with the toast, stared at it for so long before she ate it, and parading it on facebook for her friends to see.

The best feelings on earth is to see your mom smiles and being so proud of that little goodness you have done to her.

Topped with kale crunches, cashews, sunflower seeds, cinnamon & unsweetened almond butter.