Being a ellery girl| HK Lane Crawford 165th anniversary party event at IFC

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Happy 165th Anniversary, LC!

Such an honor to be invited to this – the most fascinating event of this evening of Hong Kong, the 165th anniversary of Lane Crawford. They are displaying the latest goodies of FALL 2015 and all providing us extra discount and privilege shopping spree in their HK IFC’s flagship store – extra rewards receiving extra HKD$16500.00 bonus points for every $10k spent, and celebrating its huge day with a lot of colorful and artisan activities for the guests to share the moment of joy together.

Guide to the events:

Lucky moments
Seconds of fame
Shades of red
Optical visions
Ellery girl

Fall & Winter New Items Previews // Food Arts & Decors

Opened the instant win game card and what I’ve won is an special edition of tote bag for their pretty little tote bag nicely packed in a squared thin paper box, with heart shaped patterns, which I’d love to carry it with me on a casual city exploration day during the weekends.

After that me and my friend Tinne got provided with a glass of champagne and a lychee flavored pinkish soda drink, then we started to explore the other corners on the store.

There so so much delicate little treats provided on the plates being carried around by a brunch of waitress, asking us to try out the jelly canapés, and we loved them.
The funnest one is the chocolate fondue station, colorful mini mochi pops splendidly covered with 3 kinds of chocolates sauces of your choices – matcha, coconuts & passionfruit. we went back twice for the chocolates cookies pops and mochis, more mochis of cause. they are not overly sweetened and they are super tiny, it makes you crave for more.
Last but not the least, the lipsticks station, which is mentioned at the post coming after!
But the tomato jelly canapés are definitely my favorite.