Sugar babies love it “rare” | food bloggers dinner @Porterhouse by Laris

The modern steakhouse experience: {Porterhouse by Laris}

Finally trying out this sleek and classily decorated steak place in town with a brunch of lovely food bloggers. the interior design is chic and modern, where you can notice they have a lot of different shaped lights, and it is surprisingly not a very dim-lighted resto like other typical “high-end” steakhouses. for materials used,  there are a lot of metals / steels, very silverish and arty and it brings out the extra glamour yet they did not make the atmosphere too fancy, it is kind of casual actually, it makes you so comfortable that you can just sit there and sinking into the mood to get your appetite ready.
We started off with something fresh before we indulgence ourselves with the meats.

The starters

Seafood feast for 2 or 4
canadian lobster | king prawns | oysters |other seasfood delights | their signature house condiments
Salad Greens – Heart of Romaine
blue cheese crumble | rye bread croutons | creamy herbs dressing

The Main, beasty much?

14oz sirloin
 off the bone | beef cuts straight from the grill 
The sirloin is not the tenderest type of steaks as it contains less fat (yay!) yet I’m kind of amazed that they made it not chewy (as I expected) at all, instead it’s very soft in texture and it is just so right, we ordered two of these in rare & medium rare, but most of us prefered the rare one, the promising red-ish was served right on point. (the meats you’ve order are always coming with extra weight they you requested, because they don’t want any diners to think they’ve got ripped off for any reasons!)

Wide range of condiments- more mustard please?

A weight range of different sauces, 8 fancy choices of mustard & 6 types of gourmet salts were offered when the steaks were served. its fancily displayed with names and it is quite impressive. these allowed us diners to custom our own meats for a little but, let us enjoy the meat in our own creation of aroma and tastes according to our own way of liking. tailored condiments added to the perfectly grilled curated cuts followed by sides that also have a variety of choices; you can always paired them up and make it your most satisfied kinda of dining experience.

I tried all of them (yes, all, why not when you can?) and the “chef’s pickled” mustard is my favorite for now. I have never had so much different kinds of mustard at only one dinner, and one kind of meat, for salts I always go for the pink- the Himalayas Pink, also the Black Lava salt with charcoals base interested as well. In general, us foodies love them all, no reasons not to tho.

 Making a big deal of the SIDES

 We order some healthier and lighter sides, well, other than Mac & Cheese (a must-try item!), Green asparagus & brown sugar, Chili-dusted sweet potato fries and last but not the least the grilled portobello mushrooms with mint and lemon zest. I’m quite impressed that lighter dishes appeared on the menu and I’m very glad to have some greens, as I love veggies and there is nothing too stuffy or creamy on the menu, it also lead the diners’ tastebuds back to the main focus – the steaks. nothing too heavy besides the cuts.

“Angel sleep after having steakhouse dinner”

According to the #chef David Laris, having a satisfied steakhouse dinner can sleep an angel sleep at night you know what? he is right.