Hong Kong Fusion Cuisine Exploration: The Private Kitchen | “LUccA by Luxury”

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Private Kitchen | “LUccA by Luxury”:  Private & delightful Experience

The resto is very private, it’s located at the first floor, kinda like a podium between two main streets near Jordan packed with numerous eateries, with no names/signs displayed outside the entrance. It’s an open kitchen and you can see the chefs working for you right next to the dining area. 

The 5 courses dinner menu dinner was great as a whole, but not all the dishes surprised me. Here are a couple of them I liked most:

The Starter Greens |

French Gillardeau, White Pearl oysters topped w/ caviar and sea urchin, Hokkaido scallop & green apple garden salad.

The Gillardeau is being suggested to be tasted first; it tasted fresh and naturally flavored by the essence sea water inside the shell paired with the caviar perfectly to bring out the natural nutty aftertaste and aroma. For the White Pearl (Le Perle Blanche), it has a rich and chunky body, pairing with the topped sea urchin bringing out the balanced taste of sweetness; comparing them two oysters, the Gillardeau one has a rather bitter metallic taste, which appeared to be more lusty flavored.  I’ve found that is quite intuiting that diners in H.K. always prefer to go for oysters that are mild and sweet with a clean finish (e.g. La Royale, Fine de Claire & White Pearl) than those with stronger iodine tastes.

Crispy Italian Cod Fish, Bouillabaisse with Chinese “Chen Chunfen” |

This is quite special for me, as a Hong Konger, it is still the first time I tried “Chen Chunfen” out, and  it is now served on the same plate with the very traditional Bouillabaisse (with rouille).

These “fen” are actually made by some soft rice paste rolled together with a very light and thin texture, just like the tiny version of the traditional Dim-Sum “Cheung Fun”, but there are nothing inside the paste, no meats or other ingredients are wrapped, just a rolled together of some fluffy steamed rice paste, which is simply yet refreshing, and it’s recommended to be tasted together with the unexpectedly crispy cod fish fillets.

If you are looking for creative fusion dishes I truly recommended you to try this private kitchen out, and they will never disappoint you by providing you a whole new angle to explore this French based fusion cuisines that will probably rock your taste buds.

More info & booking – Please CLICK HERE .

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