Japan’s first permanent capital, Nara (奈良)| Nakatanidou’s Green Yomogi Grass Rice Cake Mochis : 中谷堂よもぎ餅 !!

Nara’s Traditional Confection:

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Nakatanidou Yomogi Grass Rice Cakes
中谷堂よもぎ餅🍡(‘若草麻糬’- ¥130@ 1, ¥390@ box);Photo 30-9-2015, 23 36 31Crispy Rice Crunchy Biscuits
(‘Seaweed上のり’- ¥160@ 1)

中谷堂 | 奈良市橋本町29 –

Nakatanidou is so well-known because of their dramatic and laborious producing process of their glutinous rice cake mochi – by dramatically kneading💥 the rice doughs in a wooden mortar pounded with wooden mallets until it’s completely mixed and smoothened, manually.
They also offer the performance of the process, a spontaneously high-speed show of beating them mochis into smooth & softy mass which totally made traditions came alive.

Watch now: Japanese high-speed rice cake pounding

I love them mochis, it’s naturally green and filled with anko sweet bean paste, And lastly covered with kinako soybean flour. I had daifuku mochis before in Hong Kong & never liked them ’cause I don’t like the purely overwhelmed sweetness; but for the nakatanidou ones I just couldn’t stop eating.. They’re surprisingly not over-sweetened!

For the Crispy Rice Biscuits, are salty instead, appeared in a flat outlook wrapped by seaweeds(or other ingredients), tastes & textures are totally different from the mentioned.