One of the most majestic scene: Japan’s Autumn Koyo

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There are countless breathtaking nature scenes in this beautiful world and I ensure you that Japan’s autumn is one of the most majestic masterpieces. For me, it is definitely the most amazing scene I have ever seen in my entire life.

Japan is covered with a lot of trees, over 70% of the countries are forest areas, you can already picture how beautiful it would be during the foliage season. In addition, the vivid red colors of the leaves are formed and enhanced with the “help” of the temperature shifts, these red leaves are called koyo.

It happens around the period of early September till December, from the south to the north through the whole country, visitors are encouraged to check the foliage schedule every year before you go.

THE SHOREN-IN, Generals Tomb

I visited a new spot in Kyoto for Koyo, where is not the normal spot that are recommended by the tourist guides and loved it: The Shorenin, one of the five Monseki temples of the Tendai sect. in the Higashiyama area, the name of the temple means “The General’s Tomb”.

Japan, 〒605-0035 京都府京都市 東山区粟田口三条坊町69−1
+81 75-561-2345

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There are two observatories that require a little bit of stairs-climbing, as the location of the temple is already high up on a mountain (which you would have to cab it from the Kyoto Station), visitors will be feasting their eyes with the beautiful view of the whole Koyto. Another attractiveness is the Garden of Kirishima on the east side, designed by Enshu Kobori during the Muromachi era – covered with various types plants and flowers and in autumn, of course the koyo.

As the Shorenin is closely related to the Japanese imperial family, even the priest there are from royalty, thus, it has this special graceful and gracious appearance and vibes that stand very different from the other red leaves viewing spots.

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