#Birthday / Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner with family: Chef’s choice – the Omakase Sashimi Moriawase of the season | おまかせ刺身盛り合わせ | 曾根奇二丁目,大坂 –

Thank you for making time & spent my birthday here with me.. I can’t describe how blessed I’m to have amazing parents like you guys.. Being there when I was at the weakest point of my entire life / at the edge of going insane losing all faith towards everything; Hugging me for 4 hrs at late night while I bursting out in tears having no one to go to 4am in the morning; always have my back no matter what happens; deferring many of your own needs & desires in favor of the needs of me so selflessly.
You might not be perfect, but I’ll always always love you both..

My love has been proven by letting you feed me so much that now my belly starts showing again • • •


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